Vibrant Images  

Tabatha Knox Art

Nature and Artsy Inspired photographer and watercolor artist

Created from my original photo to

hand painted with watercolors.


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            Tabatha Knox

Photography becomes creative art when we see it through expression.  Pets and nature show us natural expression each and every day.  As a Pet and Nature Photographer/Artist, I always look for that expression that may happen through the lens in less than a moment's time.   Then with a step further, I hope to express the beauty and essence of these Earth's Elements through my work as an Artist.

One technique that I have been enjoying as an Artist is Hand-Colored Photography.

In the 1800's before any technology existed, black and white photos were Hand-Colored.  What a wonderful way to create an enhanced feel of what you are seeing in the photograph.  I love this approach because it is so personal.  It is a feeling about what does the artist see?  What colors are important to display the expression of the image.

Hand -colored photography